The Town initiated efforts in the winter of 2017 to develop a Manufactured Home Strategy to address the redevelopment threat of the manufactured home communities in Chapel Hill. The foundation for this strategy involved proactively engaging residents and owners of the Town’s four manufactured home communities to develop potential solutions that are responsive to residents’ needs and interests.  After extensive engagement, the Town created Manufactured Home Strategy with four key components.

Strategy Overview 

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Strategy 3.png
  1. Engage manufactured home park residents, owners, potential developers and neighbors to create proactive solutions.

2. Develop a menu of housing options for the Council to consider as manufactured home residents face displacement, including but not limited to:

  • Financial assistance for relocation

  • Land purchase

  • Onsite or off-site unit construction as part of redevelopment

Strategy 2.png

3. Identify potential sites for development of new housing.

  • Evaluate Town-owned sites

  • Determine if existing manufactured home communities have additional capacity

Strategy 4.png

4. Develop a coordinated plan to apply to any manufactured home community faced with redevelopment.  

Reports and Updates

Provides an overview of the Manufactured Home Strategy and updates on our strategy implementation.

The Town conducted extensive outreach to all of the manufactured home communities in Chapel Hill. This report outlines the findings from that engagement. -

This report summarizes the Town’s analysis of Town-owned properties that could be used for affordable housing development and serve as potential relocation of manufactured home and other low-income households facing displacement.