Town of Chapel Hill Releases Affordable Housing Annual Report

The Town has released its Affordable Housing Annual Report. In an effort to reach our goal of increasing access to housing for residents across a range of incomes, and to constantly strive for more equitable outcomes and opportunities for historically under-served populations, the Town has made it a priority to strategically address the affordable housing crisis. This strategic approach is implemented through the Town’s affordable housing plan. The release of our Annual Report is to communicate to the community our progress in implementing this plan and reaching our affordable housing targets. Find the full report here.

2018 Key Results

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 The Town exceeded our development target, supporting the development of 99 affordable units this fiscal year.

 The Town supported 23 affordable housing preservation projects in FY18.

 99% of funding available for affordable housing projects was allocated this fiscal year.

 In collaboration with our partners, the Town supported the development of the first permanently affordable tiny home duplex, as well as the first Low Income Housing Tax Credit affordable housing development, Greenfield Place, in over a decade.

 Supported the Northside Neighborhood Initiative (NNI), a collaboration between UNC, Self Help, the Jackson Center and affordable housing providers. In FY18, eight properties were acquired and eight properties were sold by the NNI Land Bank to be preserved as permanently affordable housing.